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Incomplete or inaccurate data can hinder a successful Technology Business Management (TBM) deployment.
DAG can help companies on the TBM journey.

Technology Business Management [TBM] Framework

DAG’s Data Center Assessment Services are comprehensive, efficient, fast, and actionable. We can help to quickly assess and document your data center environment and apply this data to your TBM taxonomy and data model.

Here’s how we do it.

  • Obtain credentials for each environment
  • Install and configure data collection infrastructure
  • Verify network connectivity by subnet
  • Verify account credentials
  • Begin data collection
  • Perform interviews with SME’s
  • Prepare and present full Assessment deliverables, including Application Assessment Reports
  • Our approach minimizes disruption and maximizes utilization of assets.

Hosting & Operations

Our auto-discovery software is self-contained within a virtual appliance, hosted in your environment, under your security architecture.

Windows / Unix Discovery

No need to install agents on Windows machines. Just provide the auto discovery user account with read-only remote access to the required Namespaces.

Discovering Unix and Linux platforms, such as Solaris, AIX, Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu, SUSE Linux, BSD (and more) is easy. Some discovery commands require elevated privileges.

Cloud Discovery

Discover your cloud instances and services like Amazon AWS, Windows Azure, Linode, DigitalOcean, Joyent and more.

Application Discovery

Application discovery scans identify services running on individual, connected, and dependent devices providing identification of logical server associations.

In-Person Interviews

DAG will fill-in any auto-discovery gaps by speaking with your application and infrastructure stakeholders. We verify everything. The result is an insightful, actionable document with data validated by your application experts and stakeholders.

What is TBM?

  • Technology Business Management (TBM) is a set of best practices which, when implemented, allow an organization to operate its Information Technology department “as a business”.
  • TBM aligns IT, Finance, and Business stakeholders to understand the total cost of IT thru cost transparency.
  • In fact, “The Federal Government will adopt Technology Business Management (TBM) government wide by FY 2022”, led by the Office of Management and Budget along with the General Services Administration.


Why is TBM Valuable?

Simply put, by implementing TBM an organization can “monetize” its IT infrastructure.

As a result, business leaders can have data-driven discussions and make value-based decisions about IT infrastructure, particularly regarding the business value of applications.

Some key benefits of TBM include:

  • Optimize funding and rationalize platforms, applications and vendors
  • Aligning technology spend and investment to business priorities
  • Discuss budget in terms that business partners can understand
  • Shifting IT into the role of a service broker instead of an order taker
  • Reflect total cost of ownership with supporting detail
  • Provide a better understanding and method to communicate IT budget to customers
  • Support Federal efforts to promote cost transparency and improve IT management

How Can Data Agility Group Help?

Many companies are challenged with inaccurate and incomplete IT Infrastructure data, Application to Infrastructure footprint information, and the ability to quickly gather this data in preparation for implementation of the TBM Framework.

The DAG Data Center Assessment Services solves for this gap by quickly documenting and providing comprehensive information and complete visibility across your infrastructure in a format compatible with the TBM taxonomy.

DAG is a partner with both the TBM Council and Apptio and has a Certified TBM Executive (CTBME®) on staff.

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We are here to make managing and maximizing your IT services company a streamlined success. With comprehensive assessments and data-driven discussions, we help you make informed value-based decisions regarding your infrastructure and processes. Contact us today let’s explore your project together.

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