Relocating your data center, while being fraught with risk and challenges, can be an extremely rewarding experience when properly planned. At DAG, we have developed a comprehensive data center relocation methodology and other data center services that give you the freedom to focus your IT resources on the logical and operational aspects of your migration while we handle all the technical and physical aspects of the relocation.

Through detailed advance planning, we identify every component involved in your data center’s current operation, how these pieces interconnect and what it will take to disassemble and rebuild safely with minimal business interruption. We take into account any new hardware or equipment configurations and assist with developing a layout that will support your current needs as well as any future expansion expectations.

Our infrastructure and cabling design expertise allows us to customize end to end path and cabling solutions that will ensure there are no surprises on move day. We work with your team to develop a structured cabling and patching system that supports your specific demands and is easily manageable for your users. It is our practice to establish cable and equipment labeling schemes tailored to your environment that are easily understood and can be repeated throughout the lifespan of your data center.

Upon completion of a DAG-performed relocation you are provided with a road-map of your systems and how they interconnect. Our detailed documentation and mapping are vital to the successful completion of a move, but can also become the living management tool for your facility into the future. This allows for ease of maintenance and in your new showcase data center you will find there are many benefits to a well planned, trouble-free migration.

Data Center Infrastructure Services

  • Data Center Assessments
  • Data Center Cabling and Infrastructures
  • Data Center Physical Relocations
  • Testing Services
  • Flexible Maintenance Coverage for Data Centers
  • Certified Data Eradication, Degaussing & Destruction