Data Agility Group delivers a seamless data center migration experience with customized solutions that cater to your specific business needs.

Entrust your data center technical and physical services to Data Agility Group leaving your IT resources to focus on the logical and operational aspects.

Eliminate the risk of losing irreplaceable data. Let Data Agility Group provide Cloud Backup and DRaaS to protect your data and improve RTO.

An assessment is the best first step towards alignment. It gives you complete visibility across networks,applications, server farms, storage and cabling assets.

You want to prevent surprises or disasters from crippling your business?

From data center migration and data center services to cloud backup and disaster recovery, choosing Data Agility Group means you’ll have the strategy, expertise, tools, execution and support that get the job done right and give you Peace of Mind.

Instilling confidence in our clients with our commitment
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Eliminate the Fear of Complexities and the Unknown with your next Data Center Migration.

No-Downtime Methodology

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Data Agility Group solves the resource and logistical challenges of moving and migrating data by applying focused expertise and experience to standard, non-standard, and heterogeneous SAN, NAS, and DAS storage environments while minimizing impact to operations.


At DAG, we have developed a comprehensive data center relocation methodology and other data center services that give you the freedom to focus your IT resources on the logical and operational aspects of your migration while we handle all the technical and physical aspects of the relocation.


With the growth of data comes the unavoidable task of managing the impact to data storage and the risks related to data loss. Organizations experiencing massive data growth and are outgrowing their existing storage platforms are implementing cloud backup & disaster recovery as a services solutions.”


An Assessment is the best first step toward alignment. DAG examines your processes, technologies, people – everything touching service delivery. DAG’s Assessment Services makes data centers more efficient by giving you enhanced control.