Value of Working with HUB – Historically Underutilized Business

Benefits of Working with an Historically Underutilized Business

Data Agility Group is a Verified HUB - Historically Underutilized Business

Top 7 Benefits of Sourcing a HUB Business

You may have heard the term Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) but want to know: What is the business benefit of sourcing a HUB certified business?

We give you The Top 7 benefits you will receive when hiring a HUB.

1. You fulfill the state requirements for your Historically Underutilized Business spending.

2. Sourcing a HUB  guarantees you’re helping the local economy.

3. All HUB businesses are state certified, meaning you are doing business with a well-qualified contractor.

4. HUB certification isn’t purchased so the company you source didn’t buy their way in.

5. State businesses receive HUB credit for their expenditures in their semi-annual and annual HUB reports.

6. Hiring a Historically Underutilized Business highlights that your company is employing people in your community.

7. Engaging with a HUB increases procurement opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses.

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