Solutioning at the Speed of Now

Data Services Solution Speed

Data Agility Group Delivers Solutions for Data Center Migration, Data Center Services, Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) at the Speed of Now

We Specialize in Data Migration

Being able to develop a new methodology of how we're going to tackle a specific issue or challenge is quite fast. We don't have the red tape because we specialize in data center migration.

Solution Speed to Avoid Delay

Ultimately, what happens when migrations are scheduled, there are a lot of different approvals that need to be obtained and coordination that needs to be done, not only from the IT staff, but also the business owner and the application owner. That is going to impact business as a whole.

Our ultimate goal is to make sure that if there are changes that need to happen, that first and foremost we do everything that we can to avoid any delay to the schedule. We do everything in our power to bend over backwards, to make sure to accommodate whatever issues may arise and solve them quickly.

Prepared for Challenges Before They Occur

A lot of IT service providers are very rigid in how they service clients with a singular, specific solution.

Of course, we propose specific migration solutions as well. But again, because of our experience we know that a solution may have some nuances that may require an alternative path. We recognize this and plan for it upfront because we've been doing this for so long and we've learned from our experiences.

Quickly Tackling Data Migration Challenges

The first thing we do is we try to make sure that we mitigate against anything that we've experienced in the past. Also, we're very adaptive to when things come up, or challenges come up.

When complexities that we were not aware of at the start of the project arise we can quickly turn around and solution something that allows the timeline to stay intact.


We're able to take in where the challenges are and be able to turn around and leave very quickly because of the experience of knowing what it might take to correct certain issues.

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Our Promise to You



We will architect, optimize and migrate your data storage with minimal downtime and nominal risk of disruption.



Your project will be completed with the utmost integrity, and will benefit from the most experienced professionals in the industry.



You will incur less cost, less effort will be required of your staff and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your job is done right.