Redefining Client Service

Data Management Services Mean Far More Than Just Zeros and Ones

Data Agility Group is Redefining Customer Experience in Data Center Migration, Data Center Services, Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

Back flips? Well, We Do Bend Over Backwards to Deliver Unparalleled Service

As our client, we want you to be accustomed to a level of delivery that exceeds expectation. We deliver our services to a level where you feel we're a part of your team.

How Are Changes and Unexpected Situations Handled?

In a data center migration project, changes are always imminent. Circumstances are going to come up, which may be unexpected, and you need to be confident that we will be able to accommodate those changes while keeping to the timeline.

We simply won't accept you being inconvenienced with whatever challenges may come up.

Completely Focused on Client Experience

With every single project that we work on, we are very cognizant of your experience. Obviously we ensure that your data is protected, that the timeline has been saved and that your outage is minimized.

But just as important, we are laser focused on making sure you are receiving the service that you're expecting.

Over Delivering on Client Expectations

One of the things that we always strive to do is we want to over-deliver on the expectations you have. If we've done that, that means that we're doing our job well. We never want to be in the position where didn't deliver what you paid for.

The value we want to provide is this: Going beyond delivering on our promise to exceeding what you expect in your experience with us.

Accommodating Migration Challenges

We don't have a bureaucracy for finding approvals to accommodate a certain challenge. We've gone as far toward minimizing delays on the client side by providing additional services, which are typically not in the scope, simply because clients may have limited resources or other timing issues. This is just an example of our service help.

Taking Ownership for Successful Migration

A key factor in our data migration projects that our clients have always shared with us, that they've been very happy with, is our taking ownership of the entire project. Our involvement in any migration is only a part of the entire data migration process. There are other variables that are involved in the migration.

Although that may be, we act as though the entire migration is our responsibility. Where we see areas that need to be addressed, we give a lending hand.

We Don't Sit on the Sidelines

Even though it could be out of our scope, where we can be of value, we don't sit on the sidelines. We help because the ultimate goal is to make sure that your transition is successful.

If we need to provide expertise alongside the teams we have engaged in the project, we'll do that. Again, we don't have a bureaucracy so we are agile and get things done.

We're here to help you. Let's talk.

Our Promise to You



We will architect, optimize and migrate your data storage with minimal downtime and nominal risk of disruption.



Your project will be completed with the utmost integrity, and will benefit from the most experienced professionals in the industry.



You will incur less cost, less effort will be required of your staff and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your job is done right.