Ownership of Solution

Migration Ownership Means Step-by-Step Involvement

Data Agility Group Data Agility Group Takes Pride in Ownership of Data Services Projects and Stays on Target

Asking the Right Questions to Mitigate Data Migration Risks

To us, "ownership" means step-by-step involvement. It's about asking the right questions, diving deep into critical areas that give us the insight we need to show you what potential risks could be.

We know you don't execute data migrations on a day to day basis and don't know what the pitfalls are. Our questions expose you to the areas of concern that help mitigate the chances of any problems occurring.

By asking the right questions, everyone is in a much better position to have a successful migration.

Constantly Improving the Migration Process

Most often, each migration has multiple waves. One of the things that we model as a procedure after each migration is we assess, do a SWOT analysis to see what, if any, lessons we have learned. Those lessons are applied during the next wave. This helps mitigate against any specific risks that maybe have encountered during the previous wave. It's a practice that we follow to ensure successful migrations.

Testing the Migration Environment

DAG also provides services in performance testing and UAT testing to make sure that the migrated environment is at least at the same level of performance and functionality as it was prior to the migration. At the end of the day, we want to be sure you're comfortable with the move you've made, that it's a good migration with no issues.

We're not saying there will never be issues during the process. That's where our testing comes into play. Before we move into production, we confirm that the performance and usability of your applications is exactly what is required for business.

Providing a Turn-Key Approach to Data Migration

Migrations often have requirements to deploy tools in a custom environment. We will make sure those things are covered as well. Our entire solution is a turn-key approach to you.

DAG comes in with our end-to-end solutions, providing the necessary tools as part of the entire solution. After the migration, we leave no residuals for you. Tools are removed and there are no licenses, liabilities or capital depreciation.

Finishing the Data Migration Project

With that, we finish the project out. We discuss with you what your target environment looks like, answer any questions that may come up and close out the migration. Thereby confirming that the migration is completed and everyone is happy.

We're here to help you. Let's talk.

Our Promise to You



We will architect, optimize and migrate your data storage with minimal downtime and nominal risk of disruption.



Your project will be completed with the utmost integrity, and will benefit from the most experienced professionals in the industry.



You will incur less cost, less effort will be required of your staff and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your job is done right.