Data Migrations


Data Migrations: Data Agility Group solves the resource and logistical challenges of moving and migrating data by applying focused expertise and experience to standard, non-standard, and heterogeneous SAN, NAS, and DAS storage environments while minimizing impact to operations.

You recognize data migrations are now a necessary step in going from where you are to where you want to be. Putting it off will only make the data migrations more complex in the long run and stifle growth in the interim.

So, let us help you get to where you want to be.

The Complex Data Center Migration Specialists

Moving or consolidating a data center, or migrating data, can be a traumatic undertaking for a company. There's lots of risk involved for the inexperienced or unwary. We take great pride in removing the fear from the process, and making data migrations routine and trouble free.

Since 2007, DAG has safely migrated hundreds of petabytes of data for clients worldwide, on time and on budget. Our proprietary No-Downtime methodology assures a safe, smooth and seamless transition with no business disruptions. And we partner with industry-leading service providers and vendors, enabling a single point-of-contact for clients through all phases of the migration process.


What is this NO DOWNTIME methodology you ask? It is a proven approach that is a well-defined process for repeatable, predictable, successful data migrations that are encapsulated in four phases:

Advanced Data Migration Process - Assess, Design, Implement, Test - Managed by Data Agility Group


Data Center migrations are far more complex than the physical movement of items. Employing a High Level Project Management hierarchy that supports all facets of a relocation is critical.

Data Center Migration Management Process that Shows Critical Facets of Data Center Relocation Management Provided by Data Agility Group

Additionally, developing and sticking to a well thought out migration management process helps in foreseeing what could be CRITICAL CHALLENGES that disrupt or worse, derail your data migration project. By planning thoroughly ahead of time we can minimize, if not eliminate, a number of these critical challenges:

  • Missed dependencies within applications
  • Lack of a Senior Technical Architect and Technical Transition Manager
  • Lack of communication between business units and technical towers
  • Poor bandwidth planning (bandwidth for migration decreases as migration progresses)
  • Lack of Mitigation Plan & Ad-hoc Requests
    • Budget
    • Resources
    • Bandwith
    • Agility Plan
No matter your unique situation or needs, we’ll make the migration process seamless and transparent.