Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery


With the growth of data comes the unavoidable task of managing the impact to data storage and the risks related to data loss. Organizations that are experiencing massive data growth have found themselves outgrowing their existing storage platforms or are looking at cloud backup & disaster recovery to be handle this transformational shift seen within their data centers.

Additional concerns come with the impact of data growth on disaster recovery and business continuity processes. IT departments are analyzing their approach cloud backup & data recovery to provide continuous access to information across sites, both on-premise and in the cloud.


In the arena of secured cloud backup, Data Agility Group partners with Veeam to provide Veeam Cloud Connect. This allows for VM (virtual machine) backups and replicas off site without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining an offsite infrastructure. With this, you have a fully integrated, fast and secure way to backup, replicate and restore from the cloud.


Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is the replication and hosting of physical or virtual servers by a third-party to provide failover in the event of a man-made or natural catastrophe.

DRaaS can be especially useful for small to mid-size businesses that lack the necessary expertise to provision, configure and test an effective disaster recovery plan (DRP). Using DRaaS also means the organization doesn't have to invest in -- and maintain -- their own off-site DR environment.

An additional benefit is that DRaaS contracts can be flexible as your business' needs change. Of course you must trust that the DRaaS service provider can implement the plan in the event of a disaster and meet the defined recovery time and recovery point objectives.

That is why you want to choose Data Agility Group and Veeam.

Because of our partnership with Veeam you can have:

  • Affordable and efficient, imaged-based replication for true DR— RTPO
  • DR for any workload— Efficient, cost-effective and storage, application and OS-agnostic
  • Advanced networking capabilities — No complex setup or VPN — one of the biggest challenges of DR testing and failover


Fast, secure cloud-based disaster recovery

Get the most out of DRaaS with Veeam Cloud Connect VM replication, providing fully integrated, fast and secure cloud-based DR (disaster recovery) through a DRaaS provider.

Advanced, image-based VM replication through Veeam Cloud Connect is simple to set-up and easy-to-use through a service provider. It includes:

  • A cloud host for DR with CPU (central processing unit), RAM (random access memory), storage and networking resource allocation from a DRaaS provider
  • Full-site failover to a remote DR site from anywhere with just a few clicks through a secure web portal and partial-site failover to instantly switch over to selected VM replicas only
  • Full and partial failback to restore normal business operations
  • Built-in network extension appliances to simplify networking complexity and preserve communication with and between running VMs, regardless of the physical location
  • 1-click failover orchestration for quick execution and site failover testing for failover simulation, without disrupting production workloads
  • Single-port connectivity via a secure, reliable TLS/SSL (Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer) connection to a service provider with traffic encryption
  • Multiple traffic-reduction technologies, including built-in WAN acceleration, replication from a backup, BitLooker™ and replica seeding

With our cloud backup & disaster recovery (DRaas), your IT department now has the capability of shifting this responsibility to a service provider they know and trust, while retaining the ability to configure and consume the service the way they want.

No matter your unique situation or needs, we’ll work with you to develop the best possible DRaaS solution.