Data Center Migration

Eliminate the risk of Losing Irreplaceable Data. Let Data Agility Group deliver a seamless, painless data center migration experience with a customized solution that caters to your specific business needs.

Data Center Services

Entrust your data center services to Data Agility Group and focus your IT resources on the logical and operational aspects of your data center while we handle all the technical and physical aspects.

Backup & Recovery

You want to prevent surprises or disasters from crippling your business. Let Data Agility Group provide Cloud Backup and DRaaS to protect your data assets and improve RTO.


From data center migration and data center services to cloud backup and disaster recovery, choosing Data Agility Group means you'll have the expertise, support, strategy, tools and execution that get the job done right and give you Peace of Mind.

Andy Abbas, Co-Founder and VP of Data Agility Group discusses the 8 areas of focus that make up the assessment phase of data center migration projects.

1. Create Logical Application Grouping
2. Develop Migration Methods
3. Prepare a Risk Analysis
4. Develop Mitigation Plan

Logical Migration Services
• Migration Tools Deployment
• Coordinate efforts with client IT engineers
• Capture data locally and replicate over the wire
• If seeding necessary, replicate locally and ship to target site

Physical Relocation Services
• Relocate equipment during scheduled cutover periods - de-installation, packing, packing materials, transportation, installation and testing

Removing the Fear from Data and Data Center Migration - SOLUTIONS AT THE SPEED OF NOW

One of the greatest fears for companies contemplating a migration event is the threat of disruptions to business operations. But our proprietary No-Downtime Methodology assures a safe, smooth and seamless transition with no business disruptions. And we help to simplify project management by partnering with industry-leading service providers and vendors, enabling a single point-of-contact for clients through all phases of the migration process.

You no longer have to fear migrations.  Why?  Because you now have a partner with years of intensely focused, specialized experience in data and data center migrations.

That’s why many of the world's largest companies and government agencies have trusted their data to us. Since 2007, DAG has safely migrated hundreds of petabytes of data for clients worldwide, with many projects spanning oceans and continents. Countless projects have been completed on time and on budget. 


Data Center Migration - Redefining Client Service

Redefining How Clients are Served

Passionate service means you're always a priority,  you no longer have to accept the status quo.
Breadth and Depth of Data Migration Experience

Offering Practical Experience

Expertise in the most complex environments across any combination of platforms.
Improving Data Center Migration Solution Speed

Solutioning at the Speed of Now

Downtime and mistakes mean delays, which cost. We deliver quickly and accurately.
Ownership of Data Migration Solutions

Taking Ownership of Solutions

No hand holding here. You have trusted us to execute on a plan and we will.

No-Downtime Data Migration Process

No Downtime Data Migration Process